Just finished renaming 1.5 million weather observation data files from epoch to YYYYmmddHHMMSS date format.

Took a couple of days intermittently and some bash and Perl code to get the job done.


The DTK arrived this morning… So this is what it’d be like if an iPad Pro ran macOS.

First step: getting XRG going.


Also joined the micro.blog meetup this afternoon. Wish it could have been a proper lunch with great discussion, but it was still nice to see everyone even though we have a virtual WWDC.

Lots of great improvements to SwiftUI this year. A lot of the pain points look to be addressed, and the option to define even the App controller in SwiftUI is a huge win.

I plan to use it as much as possible moving forward. #WWDC20


Watched this year’s WWDC keynote with my 9 and 7 yo daughters. They loved seeing the iOS improvements.


It’s been a few years since I’ve posted a video rundown of my homelab.  Here’s an update of what I’m using to support my dev projects like Seasonality.

This video took a little longer to post than I intended.  Last month we upgraded to a faster internet connection, and in this video I talk about some hurdles I had to overcome along the way.  Never thought I’d be using a Mac mini as a router!

I’ve been banging my head against a problem I was seeing in a new macOS app I’ve been using to learn SwiftUI.  Moved the same code into a Swift Playground and it works immediately as expected.  Hopefully WWDC brings a more reliable SwiftUI implementation on the Mac.

Bug submitted: FB7716258


This bird keeps knocking on my office window. He’s been doing this for days now, and several hours at a time. Doesn’t get spooked by me being right inside. Wish I knew what he was thinking…

I added a Mikrotik CRS328 Layer 3 switch to my home office network recently, and just posted a video showing how I’m using it with my network setup.  Check it out: