It’s been awhile, but I spent some time this weekend contributing to an open source project. After getting a Unifi PDU last week, I wanted to be able to see power metrics in my Grafana setup.  

Unpoller had a lot of code attempting to add support, but the main dev didn’t have hardware to test with. I pushed it the rest of the way and posted a PR:

It was my first chance to work with Go, so that made things a little interesting.

Power usage


Had a drive die in my TrueNAS SSD pool (8x 2TB in mirrored VDEVs) earlier this week.

Decided to order 2x 3.84TB replacements to swap the entire VDEV, because solid state prices have plummeted this past year. I’ll have an unbalanced pool, but thinking unbalanced SSDs shouldn’t have too big of a performance impact.

Will keep the good 2TB SSD as a cold spare for the next failure.

Today was a perfect day to go mountain biking. Hit up a relatively new trail called Michigan’s Dragon and had a great time. Biked about 17 miles of rolling single track along a lake.

Can’t wait to go back, though I’d probably pick a slightly shorter section next time. I’m definitely going to be feeling this tomorrow…

Damn…two desktop UPSes dead in as many weeks. One little power blip and it just gave up.

I could probably just replace the battery, but the screen backlight has been out for awhile now too, which is a hassle, so I’ll probably just replace the whole thing.

Here’s one of the original App Store screenshots for MyWeather Mobile. We’ve come a long way…

Seasonality Go was just a glint in my eye, and wasn’t available until day 1 of the iPad App Store a few years later.

I’m a little surprised the Apple silicon Mac Pro didn’t go directly to PCIe 5 support. That’s been standard on desktop and server PC hardware for months now.

I’ve learned in the last 24 hours that OWC must not stress test their Thunderbolt 10GbE adapters. Use case: copying 15TB over the network.

An OWC Helios w/ 10Gb card lasted for only 15-30 minutes saturating the link before it overheats and kernel panics (tested on both an M1 Max and Intel MBP).

The OWC Thunderbolt Pro Dock (latest rev) fared better, and lasted 5-6 hours before it overheated and reset itself, dropping all network connections. 

Next up: Internal 10GbE NIC on a 2018 Mac Mini.


Yasss! Wiped a pool and added a couple more drives. 8x16TB in a raidz2.

Give me a few days to copy everything back…Empty folder showing 87TB available.


One of the nicer places I’ve had the privilege to eat lunch.

This morning I took the path less traveled (it’s not even on most maps), and it paid off big time.

Sitting on a boulder near some rapids, looking across a valley with granite mountains in the distance.

This evening at their rock-climbing class, our oldest, on her way up, gave our youngest a high-five while on her way back down from the top.Two kids giving each other a high-five on a climbing wall.


It has been just over 3 weeks since starting the new job. The learning curve has been intense, but I love it. It has been like being at WWDC three weeks in a row.

I always look forward to learning new tools and development methods when joining a team. Gives me a chance to become a better developer.

Somewhat ironically, now that I’m working full-time again, I’ve become quicker at responding to support email for personal apps. Not because I have more time (I don’t), but because of changes I’ve made out of necessity.

The biggest help has been setting up an online knowledge base. Now if a question comes in that isn’t documented, the response first gets added to the website, and then a link is sent to the user. Subsequent responses are much quicker now. Wish I would have done this years ago.