Huh… Just felt an earthquake. Nothing major, just barely strong enough to make the house creek and the dogs start barking. Ended up being a 3.1 magnitude about 25 miles west of here.

Going to start posting a few photos over on Vero.

Here’s a shot I took last month from a lookout off Highway 160 in Colorado. It was a stunning drive through the valley.

The new generics functionality in Swift 5.7 is going to save a lot of headaches.  Something I spent a day working around just last month seems to just not be an issue at all in 5.7.


Zooming out a little bit…

Of course, it’s striking me that stopping the top-level Xcode project would instantly kill the VM. Might want to create an App to use this more regularly.

UTC Clock, zooming out to show multiple levels of Xcode builds


By the way, that last screenshot was taken from an Xcode project compiling an Apple Silicon Virtual Machine with Ventura installed and running the UTC app from Xcode.


The new MenuBarExtra SwiftUI View makes it embarrassingly easy to create a Menu Bar app.  Here’s a UTC clock in 40 lines of code…

UTC Clock SwiftUI Code


Great to see continued improvements to iPad usability. Sure, they’re baby steps, but they are definitely heading in the right direction.

Camera with many adapters plugged into MacBook Pro

Canon MiniDV camcorder -> 4 pin to 6 pin adapter -> FireWire 400 -> FireWire 800 -> Thunderbolt 2 -> Thunderbolt 3 -> Final Cut Pro.

Somehow in 2022, this still works. Incredible.


Sustaining over 1GB/s on the TrueNAS server across two volumes. I could watch this all day…TrueNAS I/O


Finished watching season 1 of Only Murders in the Building. Thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns along the way. Can’t wait ‘til season 2!

Spent 2 hours pulling the Miata engine apart to try and track down an oil leak with the help of an oil additive and some UV light. 90% sure it’s the front crankshaft seal.

Miata Engine

Gotta order some parts and will probably take me a day to finish the job. I’ll need to pull the timing belt and re-time the engine, so that will be most of the work. Really hoping I won’t have to drain the coolant, but we’ll see.


Watched the Who Killed the Electric Car documentary with the kids this evening. Still tugs at the heartstrings to see how electric car tech was delayed for decades by actions portrayed in the film.

But it’s encouraging to see just how much has improved in the years since.

Recently I’ve been giving TrueNAS another shot for shared VM storage.  This time around it’s working much better.  Here’s a video about my experiences in round 2.