This was a fun shot to capture. Our photography group was just hanging out in this main hallway of the children’s ward (notice the bright colors on the wall). I wanted to get a photo of this room, but didn’t want to disturb anyone else. I decided to make them part of the image by making it a long exposure. I liked the ghost-like qualities of the resulting image.

The puzzle pieces in the halls of the children’s ward struck me. Mental illness doesn’t just affect adults. This was one of the only photos from the day that was taken without a tripod. It would have taken a minute to wrangle the tripod into a layout to get this low, so I decided to be lazy and capture it hand-held.

This was called the fern room. What was quite amazing was that this room wasn’t even on the first floor. It was on a higher floor, and yet somehow some seeds from a fern managed to find its way inside.

I had a little fun in this long exposure, walking in and out of the frame to give a little more presence in the shot. I’m really curious which post will get more likes, this one or the previous shot of the same room without me.

I wanted to spend more time in this room, but I only had a few minutes because we were about to move on to the next building. Those with a keen eye will notice I added some light here in the room through the archway on the right, because without it the room was blacked out like the doorway on the left. I just leaned my phone on the ground just inside on the left side of the archway and turned on the flashlight.

Another long hallway with side light. This building had some renovation done, such as the walls being stripped of their original lead paint. Obviously still a lot of work to do for a full renovation.

There was so much color in some of these decayed rooms. This photo was processed as an HDR to bring out some more color in the ceiling and from the bright light on the trees outside.