Huh… Just felt an earthquake. Nothing major, just barely strong enough to make the house creek and the dogs start barking. Ended up being a 3.1 magnitude about 25 miles west of here.

Going to start posting a few photos over on Vero.

Here’s a shot I took last month from a lookout off Highway 160 in Colorado. It was a stunning drive through the valley.

Great to see continued improvements to iPad usability. Sure, they’re baby steps, but they are definitely heading in the right direction.

Finished watching season 1 of Only Murders in the Building. Thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns along the way. Can’t wait ‘til season 2!

Watched the Who Killed the Electric Car documentary with the kids this evening. Still tugs at the heartstrings to see how electric car tech was delayed for decades by actions portrayed in the film.

But it’s encouraging to see just how much has improved in the years since.

Recently I’ve been giving TrueNAS another shot for shared VM storage.  This time around it’s working much better.  Here’s a video about my experiences in round 2.

You know it’s a cold day when you drive on the highway for 15 minutes and your car still is nowhere near warmed up to its normal running oil temp.

Really impressed with the memory bandwidth of the M1 Max… 400GB/s is way faster than DDR4.

Single channel DDR4-3200 is only 25GB/s, so even EPYC servers with 8 channel memory only run at half the bandwidth.

A reminder to check your backups periodically. I was about to do a quick Time Machine restore this morning only to find my backups haven’t been running for the past 2 months.

I disabled them while traveling to avoid sending so much data over the VPN connection home.

Luckily, I had the files in another spot so I avoided data loss. Which brings up another topic…have multiple backups.

I’ve been MIA online a lot lately. For awhile I’ve been focused on this… It’s a ’94 Miata that my parents owned but wanted to get rid of since it needed a lot of engine work.

My wife and I took it on and ended up having the engine replaced (it took a shop 3 months). When it was finally ready, we flew to California last month to pick it up. We spent a few days putting a new canvas top on it and making some additional repairs.

Then we drove it 2700 miles along I-40 and stopped at sights along Route 66 on the way back to Michigan.

A friend described what we did as having open heart surgery and then running a marathon. That feels like an apt comparison. The trip went more smoothly than I could imagine though.

It still needs some work, which I’m excited to learn how to do myself. It could use a good paint job too. But welcome to the family, little Miata.

Seeing huge performance gains after implementing Seasonality’s Particle Mode in a Metal compute kernel. Able to simulate 12x the number of particles at 3 times the frame rate, using less than half the CPU.

I just released a new app…this is my first game and it’s called Tower Mixup. If you like puzzle-style games, this one’s for you. I developed it using SwiftUI over the last two weeks. Check it out and let me know what you think…I’m releasing it for free with ads.

What an amazing game! I thought they were going to double OT for sure… UCLA has been so fun to watch during this tournament and Gonzaga had to dig deep to pull this one off. Let’s see if they can wrap up a perfect season in the Championship game.