15 years ago today I committed to starting Gaucho Software by registering gauchosoft.com.  It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for so long.  Still absolutely love being an Indie!

Picked up a couple of Cisco 48 port Layer 3 switches for $20 each today at the local university’s surplus sale.  Hoping at least one of them works so I can use it for my main network switch (will still have 10Gb on a separate switch/VLAN).


I guess you could say Apple was…screwed.

Also: “The report reveals an interesting anecdote about the latest Mac Pro. In late 2012…”  Yes, we’re still talking about the “top-end” Mac being sold in 2019.

Had a great week in Phoenix for #AMS2019. EIPT had a lot of great content this year, and kudos to everyone who volunteered to cover gov employees who couldn’t make it (NOAA/NWS, you were missed).

See you next year for #AMS100!

My Core i7 Mac mini arrived yesterday. First impressions…

It gets hot. I’ve started calling it the hotplate.

The fan moves a lot of air. The airflow is louder than a Mac Pro.

The GPU is keeping up with dual 4K displays, so far.

It’s quick, really quick.

Seems like many are looking forward to having A-series CPUs in Macs. The speed and power consumption benefits would be significant. However, it comes at the expense of compatibility with other x86 OSes and virtualization. For many, that’s a real inconvenience. #NeverForgetSoftPC

Kept laughing to myself during Apple’s talk today every time they described how much faster these Macs are compared to the last revisions. They _should_ be that much faster when you compare them to 4 year old computers…

Looks like the high end Mac Mini CPU is the Core i7-8700. It scores 5304 on single core and 23010 on multi-core, which is 46% faster on single core and 31% faster on multi-core than my 2013 6 core Mac Pro.

I was planning to replace a 2012 Mac Mini server, but it’s tempting to use it as my desktop until the new Mac Pros are finally ready.