I just posted a video about purchasing an EOS R. While originally intending to jump to the R5, I just couldn’t justify purchasing one at this point. But then I realized the EOS R is actually a really great choice right now, and works well as a bridge camera for my switch to the RF camera system. I talk about some of my thought process here…

Direct YouTube Link

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since we visited Papua New Guinea. I’ve been thinking about creating this short film ever since. A couple of months ago, after deciding I had procrastinated long enough, I got started on the project. Here’s the final result: my story of our visit to Normanby Island…a day I’ll never forget.

Direct link: https://youtu.be/2RKk7viZpjs

This video took a little longer to post than I intended. Last month we upgraded to a faster internet connection, and in this video I talk about some hurdles I had to overcome along the way. Never thought I’d be using a Mac mini as a router!

I added a Mikrotik CRS328 Layer 3 switch to my home office network recently, and just posted a video showing how I’m using it with my network setup. Check it out:

With work finally easing up a bit, I found some time to edit this video I recorded a few months back. In the video, I go through the process of adding a new disk to a Dell PowerEdge server and using it in VMware ESXi. Then I add a second disk and migrate to a RAID 1, and a third disk to migrate to a RAID 5, expanding the disk capacity along the way. All without rebooting the server.

Direct link (YouTube): https://youtu.be/Q5iTjvr0zrg