I was wondering why my IPsec VPN was so slow between two endpoints running pfSense. Ended up changing the MSS cap from the default 1400 down to 1350 and now I’m getting 10x the bandwidth.

Starting my day in the California desert where temps are in the 80s and ending it in the Rockies where temps are in the 40s. Can’t decide whether to wear shorts or pants.

Think I’ll go with shorts because this might be my last chance to wear them this season.

Here’s another one of my favorite shots from Yosemite a couple weeks ago. It’s a shot of Sentinel Bridge from the riverbed of the Merced. One reason I like it is because you can’t get this shot in the summer months when the river is full…you’d be in 3-4 feet of water.

Printed this one out to hang in the new house.

Sentinel Bridge with Half Dome in the background

Huh… Just felt an earthquake. Nothing major, just barely strong enough to make the house creek and the dogs start barking. Ended up being a 3.1 magnitude about 25 miles west of here.

Going to start posting a few photos over on Vero.

Here’s a shot I took last month from a lookout off Highway 160 in Colorado. It was a stunning drive through the valley.

The new generics functionality in Swift 5.7 is going to save a lot of headaches.  Something I spent a day working around just last month seems to just not be an issue at all in 5.7.


Zooming out a little bit…

Of course, it’s striking me that stopping the top-level Xcode project would instantly kill the VM. Might want to create an App to use this more regularly.

UTC Clock, zooming out to show multiple levels of Xcode builds